Our Light, Classic and Standard cimbaloms have a traditional range (C-a3) and tuning. The tuning system is depicted in the picture. The tuning system of model Cimbrett is depicted here.

The structure of a freshly constructed instrument needs some time to settle down. During this process, a lowering of the pitch of the tuning occurs. Therefore, the cimbalom has to be tuned frequently during the first few months after its purchase. To achieve the best results with a new cimbalom, a special attention has to be paid to its tuning, and the correct pitch of the tuning has to be observed (a1= 440 Hz).

The cimbalom is tuned with the tuning key.

The highest quality of tuning is undoubtedly secured by a certified tuner. In the area of Brno and its surrounding, we recommend tuners, with whom we frequently cooperate:


Tel.: 731 527 306

Tel.: 603 427 171


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