20 Years of Cimbalom Innovations

Our latest cimbalom model uses an improved design that significantly reduces the weight of the instrument while increasing its strength and stability.

The lightweight design supports better sound projection and tone quality.

The sound of the sound projection towards the audience is further enhanced by the unique resonant holes on the front of the cimbalom.

The instrument maintains the full C-a3 tonal range.

The cimbalom weight is about 48 kg without the legs and pedal.

The color of the instrument can be customized to your wishes.

More details about the tool can be found in the section construction.

The price of the instrument is CZK 140,000.

We recommend to buy also a textile instrument cover.

Company History

The VSIANSKY CIMBALOM company has been founded at the turn of 1998 - 1999. Since then, the VSIANSKY cimbalom has profiled itself into the high-quality and lightweight instrument sough after by many top cimbalom players.
The year 2003 was a turning point for us when the Hungarian dulcimer virtuoso Viktória Herencsár asked us to produce an instrument that would meet two basic requirements: the perfect sound demanded by top players and and the lowest weight to make it easier to travel.
To combine these two demands seemed difficult at first, but the effort payed off in the end. Our newly designed LIGHT model has become very popular and demanded. Producers of other brands started producing cimbaloms with the same design over time.

In 2010, the Slovak cimbalom player Juraj Helcmanovský came up with an improvement: resonance holes in the front of the instrument. These openings not only allow the sound to project directly towards the audience, but also make the instrument more powerful.

At present, the light cimbalom model takes the majority of our production and we are working hard on its development. Thanks to the carbon construction of the internal struts and other changes, in 2018 we managed to achieve a weight of about 38 kg for the test tool.

Thank you all for your support and we are looking forward to new instruments and new players on Vsiansky Cimbalom.