Cimbalom Accessories

Textile Transport Cover

This cover is offered for easier manipulation with the instrument, and for safer transportation. It is padded with foam rubber, which absorbs smaller, incidental bumbs, and provides a light protection against heat and humidity. Effectively protects the cimbalom from scratching.

The cover is equipped with two pairs of handles, which allow a firm and comfortable grasp. The cover has adjustable straps that allow the cimbalom to be hung around the neck, or over the shoulder.

The legs and the pedal lyre have a separate cover. Each of these parts has a separate pocket inside of the cover, and is thus completely protected against scratching and impacts. This separate cover has a handle, as well as an adjustable shoulder-strap.

Because the Light cimbalom has neither a lid nor a frame, we always deliver this particular model with the cover, its price being already included within the price of the cimbalom.

Other models may be furnished with this cover.

Price: 8.000,– CZK


We do not produce hammers, but we recommend to approach a mallet producer with whom we frequently cooperate, and with whose products we have only the best experience. The hammers will be produced according to your specific needs, shortly, in the best quality, and at a reasonable price.


Tuning Key

The tuning key with a star-shaped hole is suitable for tuning of all types of cimbaloms with standard tuning pins. The key is nickel plated, with a handle made of light beech wood.

Price: 1.400,– CZK


Among our services is also production of custom-made stings. Detailed information can be found in the Construction bookmark.

When ordering individual strings for a cimbalom of our brand, just put down the indication of the tone (C—a3) on the order. If you wish to order wound strings, put down the ordinal number of the desired string within the string group as well (1-3, counted from the position of the player).

If ordering wound strings for a cimbalom of a different brand, it is necessary list all of the following details:

the indication of the tone
the length of the string core, from the loop end to the beginning of the winding
the length of the winding
the direction of the turn of the tuning pin (during the stretching of the string)

These information are necessary, because every producer uses a different distribution of the bridges and the frets on the instrument, and because the winding should never run over the fret, or the bridge wire. For and easier order, just use our string table.

Price of a treble string: 50,– CZK apiece
Price of a bass string: 120,– CZK apiece
Price of all treble strings: 3000,– CZK/ 80 pieces
Price of all bass strings: 6000,– CZK/ 53 pieces

Transport Case

When delivering a cimbalom abroad, we use the services of a packaging company to pack the cargo in a made-to-measure transport case. This company is a holder of the ČSN EN ISO 9001:2001 Quality Certificate. The material and the design correspond with all required standards. The material is treated according to the FAO ISPM 15 directive. A certificate verifying this fact may be given out, if needed for the transport to a given destination.

Proportions of the case: 55 x 95 x 170 cm
Weight of the case (including the transported cimbalom): 170 kg
Price of the case: 7000,– CZK